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Oven Cleaning

Spring Fresh provide a Professional Oven Cleaning Service, having been fully trained and adhering to very high standards achieved through 8 years of experience cleaning all makes and models of ovens, ranges, stoves and agas, also gas, electric and ceramic hobs and not forgetting the cooker hood (or extractor) up above.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning methods very often restore an oven back to its original appearance, giving a showroom sparkle once again, making an oven look, feel and smell like new.


Ovens Sigle Double
Price £50.00 £65.00
Extractors 60cm wide 90-110cm wide
Price £15.00 £20.00
Microwaves Standard Combi
Price £20.00 £25.00
Hobs 4-Ring 6-Ring 8-Ring
Price £15.00 £20.00 £25.00
Range Ovens Range Ovens
Price £100.00
AGAs 2-Ovens 4-Ovens
Price £100.00 £120.00
Price £60.00

Domestic Oven Cleaning is the most detested household chore, which is quite understandable, when unaccustomed to the task as it is all too often done once a year or less, being inadequately equipped for the job with typical household cleaning products and the shelves won’t fit into the sink.

Even if you are generally a meticulous cleaner, do you find that you put off cleaning the oven? especially if it is one of the larger range ovens!

Very often when you do get round to having a go, you may find you make a mess of the rest of the kitchen in the process, and some considerable time later, you may find that you have not managed to reach pockets of grime in difficult nooks and crannies, especially if they are more burnt on. Also, when you come to use your oven, you may find there is still a lingering smell and smoking is still occurring, at which point you might decide to give me a call.

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In practice our customers come to us for a number of reasons

They are very house proud and wish to keep their oven in tip-top condition.

Others have a very busy modern lifestyle and may put off tackling the oven till it has got out of hand for them.

I now have regular elderly customers who had for years cleaned their own oven, but are no longer able or willing to do so.

It would be more hygienic – as bacteria and cancer-causing agents abound in grime and charred food, making it very important ovens and barbecues are properly cleaned.

Many household oven cleaning products are hazardous in that they give off noxious fumes as they react with the oil and fat. They can also damage painted and self clean surfaces and will burn severely should they come in contact with skin or eyes.

Also, unpleasant smells and residues may well remain capable of being tasted in subsequent cooked food from the oven.

For more information on the best Professional Oven Cleaning, contact us

Range of appliances we can clean

Other than regular ovens both built-in and self-standing

We clean both Gas & Electric Hobs

Extractor Hoods


Range Ovens including brands such as Stoves, Rangemaster, Rayburn etc.


How do we do it?

Firstly, we remove from the oven, shelves, any removeable enamel panels such as the back-panel and self-clean panels, and (wherever possible) the fan-blades, rubber seals, light-bulb covers, and glass panels from the inside of the oven doors.

The oven doors are removed where they are designed to do so.

which are purely enamel surfaces, or chrome surfaces,or glass or rubber are given a thorough soak and cleaned in the hot tank in the van for an hour or so.

Hard baked on grime and carbon deposits from the oven interior enamel surfaces and as much as possible above the oven or grill element. Is removed with non-hazardous products and elbow grease.

The front and back panels of the oven doors are opened up to enable all the interior glass panels to be thoroughly cleaned and made to shine.
(Some oven doors may consist of 3 or even 4 panes of glass which are all cleaned separately wherever the design permits), before being put back together again, polished and made to shine like new.

This is a completely safe and eco-friendly cleaning method within the home, such that the oven may be used immediately following cleaning.

There is no need to open the windows during cleaning or evacuate the kitchen.

At the same time, we can also inspect and make necessary repairs, such as:

Replacing worn seals, or a failing hinge

Re-fixing loose glass in door panels

Replacing oven or extractor light bulbs

Also, replacing filters in extractor hoods as required.

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